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About Membership in the Arbor Bridge Homeowners Association:


Arbor Bridge became a permanent membership association community on April 1, 2001.  At that time, property owners
were required to choose a membership level.  The majority of owners chose to become Full Members.

There are 251 homes in the neighborhood.


Presently there are 215 Full-Members, 22 Civic-Members, and 14 Non-Members.

Full Members:

  • Have access to all recreational amenities and all other benefits provided by the Homeowners Association.



  • Do not have access to recreational amenities or any other benefits of the Homeowners Association.
  • Must pay a $2,000 initiation fee upon upon sale of home and conversion to Full Member.
  • May not convert to Civic Member, only to Full Member.

Civic Members:

  • Do not have access to recreational amenities.
  • Convert to Full Members automatically on sale/transfer of home ownership with no initiation fee.
  • Are long-time owners who are grandfathered and cannot convert to back to Non-Member.
  • The Civic Membership status is only for those residents who chose not to become Full Members on April 1st, 2001.
  • Civic Membership is no longer offered to Arbor Bridge property owners.

If you are considering purchasing a home in Arbor Bridge, you should inquire as to the membership status of the home.

If you purchase one of the non-member homes listed below, you will be required to pay the $2000 fee prior to using any amenities.

You should consider this fee when negotiating a sales price for one these properties!

2550 North Arbor Trail             2702 Arbor Summit                          4193 Arbor Club Drive                        4310 Arbor Landing

                                                         2710 Arbor Summit                         4206 Arbor Club Drive                       4313 Arbor Landing
                                                         2713 Arbor Summit                         4220 Arbor Club Drive                 4314 Arbor Landing

4335 Arbor Bridge Drive           4171 South Arbor Circle                   2682 South Arbor Drive
4346 Arbor Bridge Drive      
4350 Arbor Bridge Drive      

Ask your Realtor or contact for any questions regarding non-member homes.


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